Elfbeads 埃尔夫串珠

2003年,埃尔夫和艺术家 Paul Krans 开始了一场奇妙的旅程。

这一切都始于Poul 开始他的金匠课程去学习一些基本的珠宝生产技术。很短时间之后,Poul 设计了许多美丽的银珠,但仍觉得缺少了一些东西。Suzanne Slotboom 是一个非常有才华的玻璃手工艺者,他成为了Poul 的新商业合作伙伴,他们组成了一个很好的团队,特别是因为他们以不同的思维方式相互挑战。现在 - 两年后,他们生产了超过200个银和玻璃珠,这是串珠市场上及其需要的。

享受由 Paul Krans,Suzanne Slotboom 和 Daniela Troll 设计的美丽的埃尔夫串珠。


Elbeads beads and chams

In 2003 a fantastic journey started for Elfbeads and the artist Paul Krans. It all started with Paul taking a goldsmithcourse to learn some of the basic techniques of jewellery production. Only short hereafter Paul had designed many beautiful silver beads, but still something was missing. Suzanne Slotboom, who is a very talented glassmaker, became Pauls new business partner, and they make up a good team, especially because they challenge each other with their different way of thinking. Now - ca two years later - they have produced more than 200 silver- and glass beads, which are much requested at the bead-/charm market.