Hot Classic Jewelry
Nordahl Andersen is a company, which was founded in 1984.
They are specialised in producing unique fashion jewelry at low costs.

Nordahl Andersen jewelry

Here you will find the widest selection of classic jewelry online from Nordahl Andersen.
All jewelery is made in silver or gold with zirconia, pearls or diamonds.

Recently, Nordahl Andersen has also created their own jewelery collection under the name Nordahl Jewelery.
After that, several more have actually come up.

Among them are Joanli Nor jewelry, which offers fashion jewelry in silver with zirconia at some really good prices.
The old jewelery brand Siersbøl has also come under their wings,
known for their classic jewelry such as zodiac signs, hearts and wedding rings.

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7mm Pearl earrings
Gold heart earrings in 333 gold and zirconia
Gold earrings 333 with zirconia, 27mm
Gold earrings 333, 25mm
NOA - 14 kt. Kadaverskilt Vedhæng
Nordahl - Gift, silver bracelet 17,5+3cm
8ct gold bracelet with zirconia, 18,5cm