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Be tempted by our large assortment. Make your personal bracelet or necklace.
Spirit Icons charms are easily replaced by new ones.
Be fashionable - make your own look - buy Spirit Icons.

Be tempted - Spirit Icon jewelry

The team of Tim and Daniel are the minds behind the Danish jewelry brand Spirit Icons.
They both come from the jewelry business, where they have worked for seeveral years, among other things with selling various watch brands.
One day their paths crossed and love occured and the idea of Spirit Icons was born,
which in the beginning was the beautiful necklaces with interchangeable icons.

The jewelry collection by Spirit Icons

Spirit Icons can offer very modern Spirit Icons necklaces in silver, gold plated silver, and rose gold plated,
all decorated with zirconia, reflecting the trends in the business in the best fashion.

Spirit Icons rings are designed in a very simple way, which means there are endless possibilities to how they can be worn.
There are many of our customers, who choose to stack their rings and mix the different designs and their materials to match the occasion,
whether it's for casual wear or partying downtown.

If you ar elooking for earrings, you can be certain that you get earrings of the highest quality,
as all earrings by Spirit Icons are made by some of the best in the craft in Thailand. 

Amazing and modern bracelets made of silver or gold plated silver with with zirconia.
Again the design and the quality by Spirit Icons is only the best, and no compromises are made.
If you choose a bracelet, you will get a bracelet you can be proud to wear for a very long time.
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