Aurora Charm 欧若拉串珠


欧若拉串珠是由爱尔兰制作的高品质手工饰品。 他们独特的串珠同时具有传统的设计与现代的扭曲,如其复杂的凯尔特银镶嵌在多彩的琉璃串珠和可爱的动物银串珠的外表。


Here at Perlen we are glad to offer you large selection of Aurora beads.

All beads are made of sterling silver with glass and enamel.
Aurora bangle is our special love.
Solid silver bangles with celtic or floral patterns are just so beautiful that you almost don't want to add charms on it.
But if you still want to do it, Aurora beads are ready to be shipped immediately with free worldwide delivery.

Aurora Charm is compatible with all the popular brands.
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