Beauty Silver

Beauty Beads - Silver Beads and Charms

See the wide range of our "In house Brand" Beauty Beads charms right here.

Inviting into a universe of amazing spheres and charms in many different versions, ranging from the fashionable fidget spiders to the big heavy and detailed skulls that are decorated in the finest way with small flowers and mushrooms, it's straightforward, I can smell the forest floor and hear the birds twist in the trunks: 0)

As something new, I must also show you the new event bead, designed as a heart with 2018 engraved on the back and the beautiful huge silver dragon that can put together two of your bracelets for one.

The beauty beads silver beads are made of 925 sterling silver.
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Beauty Beads - Cat Spirit, Event Bead 2019
Beauty Beads - Jack Jackson Limited 100 pcs, silver
Beauty Beads - Mikkel the Fox, silver charm
Beauty Beads - Flower Field, silver bead
Beauty Beads - Heart of Perlen, silver