Elfbeads 埃尔夫串珠

2003年,埃尔夫和艺术家 Paul Krans 开始了一场奇妙的旅程。

这一切都始于Poul 开始他的金匠课程去学习一些基本的珠宝生产技术。很短时间之后,Poul 设计了许多美丽的银珠,但仍觉得缺少了一些东西。Suzanne Slotboom 是一个非常有才华的玻璃手工艺者,他成为了Poul 的新商业合作伙伴,他们组成了一个很好的团队,特别是因为他们以不同的思维方式相互挑战。现在 - 两年后,他们生产了超过200个银和玻璃珠,这是串珠市场上及其需要的。

享受由 Paul Krans,Suzanne Slotboom 和 Daniela Troll 设计的美丽的埃尔夫串珠。


Elfbeads beads and charms

Welcome to the legendary wolrd of Elfbeads designed by Paul Krans and Daniela Troll. Endless possibilities for your charm bracelets.
In 2013 the journey of Elfbeads started with the artist Paul Krans. It all began with a quick course as a goldsmith to learn the basic techniques for
jewellery production. Shortly after, Paul had allerede created many beautiful silver beads, but something was still missing. Suzanne Slotboom, a very talented glass artisan, became Paul's new partner and together, they were a unique team challenging each other in different way, as they had a very different way of thinking.

Now - many years later - they have made more than 1000 different beads in both silver and glass, which are all very popular in the beads and charms market.

Elfbeads silver beads

If you are looking for new beautiful silver beads for your bracelet, check out the silver beads by Elfbead. These beads come in unique designs and are very detailed, what makes them a must-have for all bead lovers. Among many, silver bead has been really popular, because of it's good size and incredible price. Very speacial Everscales silver beads are very beautiful beads that give a totally new look for you charm bracelet. 

Enchanting charms by Elfbeads

Enchanting is one of the words associated with Elfbeads, which I must say is the perfect description for Elfbeads glass beads because of their amazing colours and variations. Elfbeads come constantly with new releases of amazing glass beads, so keep an eye with Perlen's webpage so you don't miss any.

Elfbeads Glow, odds and everchanges

With the Elfbeads Glow in the dark glass beads, you get a bead that glows in the dark, once it first has ben "charged up" by the light of the sun or a really powerful light bulb. I imagine it would raise some eyebrows during dark evening when the bracelet lights up.
There are so many different Odds by Elfbeads, where they try out new ideas and funny things, such as different animals and glass beads or zirconia sprinkled inside the glass beads.

The latest addition to Everchange familiy are new Flowerstone flower glass beads from Elfbeads. Incredible colors and flower patterns are available during limited time only.
Buy your Flowerstones glass beads at Perlen and always receive the 5th for free.

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