Eske Storm 艾斯克.斯多姆

Eske Storm从他很年轻的时候就开始了他的设计生涯。当他只有六、七岁时,他第一次尝试用自己的手创造了一个串珠,它的材料和格陵兰皂石一样复杂。后来,他在哥本哈根的Hertz & Jakobsen公司里学习了金匠技术,并在1995年获得了铜牌工艺奖。此后,Eske Strom 游历世界各地并为他以自己名字命名的串珠品牌学习了更多的技术和寻找更多的灵感。
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Eske Storm Beads

The first time he used his hands to create a bead, he was only six or seven years old and the material used for it was as sophisticated as Greenlandic soapstone. Later he learned his goldsmith skills at the company Hertz & Jakobsen St. Kongensgade in Copenhagen and in 1995 he received the Bronze Arts and Crafts Award. Afterwards Eske Storm travelled around the world to achieve more skills and find inspiration for his Nordic beads.

One of the lesser known bead brands (That doesn't get mentioned nearly as much as it deserves!) is the Eske Storm brand, designed and crafted by Eske himself. Eske's specialty is making beads in a raw and artistic style, often drawing inspiration from ancient cultures and symbols; Nordic mythology in particular. In addition to his selection of beads, he also has some amazing pendants for necklaces with highly detailed features.
Eske Storm beads fit on all popular bead bracelets.
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