Munio 穆尼奥

买一颗穆尼奥串珠,一棵树就被种植在热带雨林。由Vibe Harsløf 设计的穆尼奥珠宝以它的独特风格而闻名。Vibe Harsløf 致力于创作一系列的手链和串珠,它们可单独佩戴也可互相搭配。穆尼奥珠宝重视于回收和生态。 首饰的首选材料是回收银和生态皮革。 皮革是用葡萄牙小牛皮制造的。穆尼奥有一个现代化的珠宝首饰的愿景-讲述个人和整个星球的不同小故事。支持穆尼奥-在Perlenodense.com网店购买穆尼奥首饰。

Munio Jewelry bracelets and charms

Munio Jewellery, known for its style, is designed by Vibe Harsløf.
Vibe Harsløf seeks to create a series of bracelets and beads that can be worn solely or in combination with others. The beads are made of noble wood with addition of recycling silver and Swarovski Zirconia. Munio favours recycling and ecology. The preferred materials for the jewellery are recycling silver and ecological leather. The leather is manufactured with the skin of ecological Portugese calves. Munio has a modern vision of jewellery that tells a little story very effectively - for the individuel as well as our entire planet.
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