我们向您介绍Perlen Odense的新品牌-诺沃串珠。我们非常荣幸成为第一个在欧洲销售诺沃串珠的零售商。





Signature Crystal beadsWe love Novobeads for being different and having a great selection of beads for any occasion, but what really amuses us is their crystal beads. Sparkling, beautiful and colorful they will make your bracelet shine.You will immediately feel the difference from glass beads we are used to.
First of all, you will feel the weight and that they are made of crystal, second, you will love the color play. Colors of these beads are much deeper and have at least two shades.

Novobeads Crystal Mini

So many times we have received requests from our customers to choose the smallest glass bead in stock for their purchase.
With Novobeads Crystal mini beads there is no need to worry about the size any longer! These smaller cuties have just the perfect size for those who want some color on the bracelet but don't want bigger glass beads. Made of crystal as their bigger versions, they also have their best feaures: color play and amazing sparkle. 

Novobeads Locks Our special attention goes without doubt to Novobeads locks.
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