Redbalifrog 红色巴厘岛青蛙

红色巴厘岛青蛙的灵感来自一场巴厘岛的旅行,澳大利亚人Amanda Bazarow 受到启发设计了一种新款串珠,因此红色巴厘岛青蛙而得名。Amanda Bazarow 从她与家人和朋友的旅行中得到了许多重要灵感。她的合作伙伴,Yande, 也住在巴厘岛的Ubud小镇。他在手工制作方面颇有天分,因此制作红色巴厘岛青蛙首饰的过程也极为特殊。


Redbalifrog Beads and Charms.

Amanda Bazarow finds inspiration for motives in issues and experiences that are important to her such as her family
and friends and journeys she´s been on.
Her associate, Yande, lives in the town of Ubud in Bali.

He has great talent in craftmanship and participates in the process of making Redbalifrog charms quite unique.
Redbalifrog has a lot of amazing beads! Right now the absolut favourites are the cool Sugar Skull and the Australian tree Frangipani.

Redbalifrog Spread your wings collection

Now the new collection from Redbalifrog has finally arrived and may be shared with all their loyal fans.
I have to admit that this time they have really reappeared.

3 new charms, 1 new lock and 1 pendant for necklace or bracelet have seen the day!
It is not quite as many charms in this collection as there use to be. But... rather get a few super nice beads, than many in between not so well done beads. Right? This time Redbalifrog just hit it spot on.

As usual it's rather difficult to point out one item from Redbalifrog to be the favourite...
But just look at this Charm! Isn't it lovely? The sweatest Lady Mothra with wonderful wings. 
One of my other favourites from this collection is the 2 small fluffy birds with hearts on there chests, they just looks so cute together.
Have you ever seen a madarin duck in real life? It's so cute and really beautiful! And this is no exception with this sweet duck in silver. Imagine it on your bracelet along with all your favorite charms.

And what not to like on the new silver lock? We efterhånden all knows, that we have to protect the nature and not less the bees. Who are helping us getting flowers and corbs so we can maintain life on earth.
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