True Beadz Charms

The most exciting news we've been waiting to announce in the new year, is the introduction of True Beadz to our family of charms brands.
True Beadz have always made beautiful bead designs with such a unique and elegant style that makes every True Beadz truly memorable and recognisable.
Those of you already familiar with True Beadz have probably already read the announcement of the new Pendant of the Month concept by True Beadz. Every month a new pendant will be available for pre-order and at the end of the pre-order period, only the pre-ordered pendants will be produced.
Note that True Beadz cannot be combined with discount coupons.

True Beadz Jewelry

True Beadz have won customers' hearts fast and forever - you can't keep but admire their work.
All beadz are hand-made by Julia and Aleksey in their cosy workshop in Moscow and are loved all around the world.
Their special dangle of the month concept has been a huge success among beadz lovers.

Lately True Beadz have presented a new line of their beadz - Opal glass beads made of beautiful shiny glass.
Each month True Beadz are coming with new release of opal glass bead in amazing colors.

True Beadz silver beads are a smaller masterpiece each.
Created with great respect for details and nature, these silver beads will adorn any bracelet.
All True Beadz beads have a larger hole and fit all charm bracelets.
Buy your new True Beadz beads at Perlen and enjoy our fast and free delivery.
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